Bambu Lab Recalls A1 3D Printers in the US

Bambu Lab, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, is recalling model A1 3D printers sold before January 30, 2024. (The recalled printers have the letter “A” as the sixth digit in their serial numbers.) Bambu Lab has initiated this recall because the heatbed cable in early models of the A1 can become damaged if bent during shipping or as installed. This can result in a short circuit, which potentially could result in an electric shock or fire. We have received 19 reports of damaged cables; in one instance, sparking was observed. No injuries have been reported.
Purchasers of affected A1 printers have two options: they can return their A1 for a full refund plus a $80 voucher on our online store or arrange replacement of the heatbed and cable by a trained electronics repair technician plus a $120 voucher on our online store.
Consumers wishing to return their A1 should register at Bambu Lab will send those consumers a prepaid shipping label to return the printer. For users who are unable to return the A1 in the original shipping box, we offer reimbursement of up to $10 for purchasing a box and cushioning material.
Consumers wishing to keep their A1 should also register at We will send those consumers a replacement heatbed and cable, along with detailed instructions for replacing the existing heatbed, and ask that they have a trained electronics technician replace the heatbed and cable. We will reimburse consumers for reasonable charges paid to a repair shop or technician for the replacement.
Please note that Consumers should not attempt to replace the heat bed themselves.